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Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Unlocking the Future E-Tournament


The present document sets forth the Terms and Conditions of Participation in the Unlocking the Future e-Tournament (hereinafter referred to as “Competition”), which was organized by everis Spain S.L.U., enrolled with the Register of Corporate Taxpayers (CIF) under No.: B-82387770, headquartered at Camino Fuente de la Mora 1, 28050, Madrid, Spain (“everis”).


1.- Term of the Unlocking the Future E-Tournament


Applications for the Competition shall be open for submission from September 27, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. CEST until October 14, 2021, at 4:15 p.m. CEST. After the submission period is closed, no participants shall be accepted.

The Competition tournaments are scheduled at different times, which can be checked here: Please, remember that it is mandatory to check in 45 minutes before each match starts.

The first tournaments shall begin on October 16, 2021. All tournaments shall end when there is a winner.


2.- Territorial Scope


The scope of the competition is global, according to the several tournaments advertised on “Unlocking the Future”.

The competitors shall only participate in the tournaments held where they are located so that the competition is fair and to avoid latency during the tournaments.


3.- Participation is Free


The competitors must not pay any fees to participate in the competition, participation is free of any fees.


4.- Personal Scope


The competition is open to:

  • Employees of the companies that belong to everis and NTT DATA EMEAL groups, as long as they have an employment relationship with any of these companies. If an employee leaves the company for any reason whatsoever, they shall not be allowed to participate in the competition any longer nor entitled to the award, if they are the winner.


  • Students from universities, study centers, and business academies, which have a partnership agreement in force with the companies belonging to everis and NTT DATA EMEAL groups.


It shall be strictly forbidden to accept participants who are not everis’ employees or students, such as relatives or friends.


5.- Tournaments


The competition is divided into several tournaments, based on the games FIFA, League of Legends, or Fortnite, located in Europe and Latin America (hereinafter referred to as “The Tournaments”).

Thelist of tournaments open to participants with the respective links to the rules of each game:

  1. League of Legends #1 EUROPE

  2. FIFA21 #1 EUROPE

  3. FIFA21 #2 EUROPE





  8. FIFA21 #1 AMERICA



  11. FIFA21 #2 AMERICA

  12. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS #1  Argentina, Chile, Peru

  13. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS #2 Mexico, Colombia, USA

  14. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS #2 Argentina, Chile, Peru

  15. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS #1 Brazil


6.- Enrollment


To subscribe, the participants shall:

  • Have a Ween account, which can be created here:

  • Subscribe through  “Unlocking the Future” forms that can be found here:

  • Have an active account for the game they are going to compete in, which must be associated with a Ween account.

  • Subscribe to the respective tournament.

The participants shall accept these Terms and Conditions and read the Privacy Policy before completing the subscription.

They shall receive a confirmation by email about their subscription status.


6.- Participation


Different rules shall be applied depending on the tournament and the respective game. Please, check the rules for each tournament in advance through the links described in Clause 5.

Any participant who breaches the rules of the game shall be immediately banned from the tournament. Those who have connection or hardware problems during a game shall be disqualified.


7.- Prizes


The winner of each tournament shall be awarded by everis with an Xbox Series S White (hereinafter referred to as “The Prize” or “Prizes”). Therefore, there shall be only eight (8) prizes in total, i.e., one per Tournament.

The estimated value of each Prize is € 299.00.

The prize shall be shipped to the address specified by the winner within fourteen (14) business days after the winner is announced. The shipment shall be made by:

  • everis Spain S.L.U., for the prizes to be shipped to winners located in Europe;

  • everis Brazil, for the prizes to be shipped to winners located in Latin America.

The prizes shall be shipped by courier only once, notwithstanding the several attempts made by the shipping provider as usual. everis shall not guarantee that the courier will correctly deliver the prize.

8.- Winner Selection


There shall be only one winner per tournament. The winner shall be the participant who wins the last match of each tournament. The winner’s status and identity shall be announced to all other participants, match spectators, and employees of the everis and the NTT DATA EMEAL groups.

The winner's status may be canceled if we detect any breach of these Terms and Conditions of the tournament, and/or the rules of the game, as well as any type of exploits, cheating software, or any fraudulent conduct that hinders fair play.


10.- Broadcast


The tournaments may be openly broadcast to any spectator who is interested in watching them through several platforms, such as Ween Platform, Twitch, and YouTube. The broadcasts shall solely focus on the game, and only the players’ screens and nicknames shall be shared.


11.- Taxation


The prizes may be subject to tax obligations depending on the applicable jurisdictions. The Winner shall be responsible for meeting their own tax obligations.


12.- Data Protection


everis Spain S.L.U., as a data controller, shall handle your personal data to manage your subscription and participation in the tournament, as well as to broadcast the matches in which you are playing . You are entitled to access, correct, and delete data, as well as other rights described in the tournament’s Privacy Policy, where you can find all the detailed information about data processing.


13.- Legislation


Participating in a tournament implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, without any exceptions or requirements, as well as any dispositions or decisions that are adopted due to any incident. These regulations are subject to Spanish law.


14.- Further Information


If you have any questions about the Tournament, please contact us:


If you have any questions related to personal data processing and use, please send an email to the Data Protection Office: